Apartment Search Tips

Did you just move to Maine or are you planning to move? Finding your next place to call home isn’t always easy. Are you targeting a specific area? Need to stay within a certain budget? Need an extra room for an office? We often get asked for help in this area, but ultimately most renters we work with tend to lead their search themselves. Other than sharing our list of upcoming rentals that haven’t been listed yet, there really isn’t much else we can do to help since most people already know to check the usual online search sites.

  1. Search Online

Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Apartments, Listanza, and Craigslist. Just be careful of scams. If that rent amount sounds too good to be true; it probably is. Please note that we’ve encountered many instances of stolen photos being posted by someone else in order to gain access to your personal information or get a wire transfer or return of funds from you.

2. Suggestions for Standing Out

When we list a new apartment for rent it is not uncommon for us to become inundated with calls and emails. And with only so many hours in the day, it’s possible we won’t be able to answer everything.

The first step to letting us know that you’re a serious priority is to call. A call with a human voice on the other end always gets priority over an anonymous email from LoveToParty247. And if you do email because you were doing your search late at night, go ahead and suggest two to three possible showing times that work for you. Help eliminate the back and forth emailing to just see if it’s still available, and go ahead and start offering some possible showing times that work for you. Don’t wait.

Lastly, you wouldn’t believe how many emails we get for listings that say, “Sorry, no pets” asking if pets are OK. Sorry, but no (pets) means no (pets). If the listing says “PETS NEGOTIABLE” however, then that means pets may be a possibility depending on how many, how big, how calm, and whether or not a pet deposit might be required.

So read, call, and suggest 2-3 showing dates and times that work for you.

3. Market Yourself

When competing to get a foot in the door at that rental listing you just found and fell in love with, we suggest putting your best foot forward. When you're one of many reaching out and hoping to get a response, it's never a bad idea to advocate for yourself.

4. Apply

These days the application process is usually online. And at Morton Leasing, we use RentApplication.net to handle this process for us. This application process also includes a credit check and a criminal check.

5. Meet Your Landlord

Once you’ve been selected for tenancy by the landlord, Ethan will make an introduction and send an email with contact information, a list of utilities to setup before move-in, and a copy of the signed lease agreement.

6. Schedule Utilities

Don't wait until the last minute. Once you're plans are in place, be sure to call the utility companies as soon as possible and get everything setup before move-in so that you don't have any lapse in service.

7. Moving Day

You’ve made it to moving day! YAY! Be careful and stay safe while moving any furniture and boxes. And if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us or the property owner.

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